Motivational Monday How can today feel like play?

When I was a kid, it seemed everyday was a play day.
I played at school, come home and played with friends in the street.
Even when I was doing my chores, I was able to make them seem like play.

But now I’m older, chores don’t seem to be like play and when I chat with
friends, they don’t look at work as play.

I’m very fortunate that my job is so much fun, teaching children martial arts at the studio and in local schools.

But it seems that the older we get the more a day seems less like play.
Have we forgotten how to play?

How can we make a day at the office more fun?
How can getting the children up and ready for school be like a game?
Those daily chores, how can we turn them in to play?

Lets try and work on making each day feel like play.

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