Motivational Monday Is being nice WEAK?

Motivational Monday – Is being nice…weak?

I was once told by a friend that if you are a NICE person you are seen as a WEAK person.

So all my character strengths like Determination, Commitment, Ambition are all flawed by one characteristic…Being NICE.

I’ve seen many times people shout and holler in shops, demanding to see the manager, only to then get their own way.

Why should we need to shout to get our views heard, what is wrong with being polite and civil.
If I have a problem with a service or item, it’s the same problem whether I shout and stamp my feet or talk calmly and civil. There should be no difference in the resolution to the problem.

But usually the Mr Nice Guy gets fobbed off, while Mr. Shouty Pants gets his way.

There’s even a quote, song, book & videos titled No more Mr Nice guy!

Why should it take someone to throw out their toys and have a paddy to get what we want?

Is this the way that the children of today need to be to succeed in life?

Should we be teaching this to our children, maybe even in schools?

I like to watch the TV show Apprentice, but im always disappointed that it seems the ones that shout the loudest, interrupt the most in the boardroom get through, while the ones that are polite and civil get told that they didn’t stand up for themselves by Lord Sugar.
They did stand up for themselves, they just didn’t want to lower themselves to the mentality of those that can shout the loudest and be the rudest.

Personally I’m going continue being nice, having nice staff, teaching people that being nice is not a flaw in one’s character.

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