Motivational Monday – Persistence

Motivational Monday – Persistence

We are near the end of January and some of you may be starting to struggle with your new years resolutions or new goals.

Now is the time to dig that bit deeper and be persistent with yourself, you will see the results soon and it is also close to becoming a habit.

So whether you are eating healthier, getting fit, quitting smoking, training for a new job or any little change you are making, keep at it, don’t quit, be persistent.

 Writer Susan Sontag on persistence:

“It never occurred to me that I couldn’t live the life I wanted to lead. It never occurred to me that I could be stopped…

I had this very simple view: that the reason people who start out with ideals or aspirations don’t do what they dream of doing when they’re young is because they quit.

I thought, well, I won’t quit.”

Motivational Monday SESMA Martial Arts - Persistence

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