April Newsletter 2023

Poster Winners

It was so hard to decide the winners.

It appeared that we didn’t have any Year 7 or above, so that we split the Year 3-6 in to 2 categories – Y3/4 and Y5/6.

Winners & Runners Up

Rec, Y1 & Y2 
Winner – Kai   Runner Up –  Riley

Year 3 & 4
Winner – Freya  Runner Up – Harry

Year 5 & 6
Winner – Evie   Runner Up –  Eli

Special Prize to Charlie & Laura.

First come gets choice of egg.

Reception, Y1,Y2 WINNER
Reception, Y1,Y2 Runner Up
Y5 & 6 Runner Up
Y 3 & 4 WINNER
Special Son & Mum

Passed Your NEW Karate Belt????

If you have recently passed your Karate Grading and achieved a new belt, it may mean that you might have changed class times.

Check the colour of your belt below to see with Karate Group you are in. 
Then check your Karate Group against the Time Table.

Low Grade Karate
Red, Yellow, Orange

Intermediate Karate
Green, 2nd Green, Blue

Elite Karate
2nd Blue & above


Daniel was awarded his 1st Dan in Taekwondo after needing to retest in December.

Daniel is pure dedication & perseverance.
He has been training with SESMA for over 13 years and though he wasnt ready for gradings along his journey, he worked harder and kept going. So Proud of you Daniel.

Later in the day we had the Kickboxing Black Belt grading.
5 years ago we started our 1st Junior Kickboxing classes and a young Adrian started as a white belt and is now our 1st Junior Kickboxing Black Belt. 
Congrats to Peter who was awarded his 1st Dan and to Sensei Gavin who passed his 2nd Dan in Kickboxing.

Norwich SESMA Kickboxers awarded Black Belts
Norwich SESMA Awarded Black Belt in Karate

Well done superstars

Congratulations to all that achieved their new martial arts belt at the weekend.

You were all pretty damn amazingly awesome.

Catch grading for those that were invited but unable to attend.

Saturday 22nd April 2pm Karate  4pm Kickboxing

Norwich SESMA Grading April 2023 e
Norwich SESMA Grading April 2023 b
Norwich SESMA Grading April 2023
Norwich SESMA martial arts karate kickboxing success in grading

catch up grading

Catch grading for those that were invited but unable to attend.

Saturday 22nd April 2pm Karate  4pm Kickboxing

UEA Competition Results

Wow what a SESMA Team that competed at the East of England Championships at the weekend.

Though not all our team got medals, they all DID do SESMA proud.

Awesome work all and to our competition coach Sensei Will.

Golds 12   Silver 3  Bronze 4

If you are interested in competitions and being part of the SESMA Teams, then please send an email to wayne@sesma.co.uk

SESMA Competition Team Minus the Kicboxers Ethan & Charlie

Easter Extra Kata Session

Learn your new Karate kata after Sundays grading or improve your exiting katas ready for the catch up grading.

Tuesday 11th £6/student 

9am Yellow, Orange, Green Belts 
10am 2nd Green, Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
11am Purple & above.


The Nerf Gun play starts with your battle kit being issued before top secret, very important safety briefing. Then it’s into the zone for fun filled Nerf gun battle action under the watchful eyes of your battlefield commanders!

All safety equipment, scenarios, guns and FUN provided.

Ages 6-12yrs

Booking is live on Eventbrite

Thursday 13th April 10-12noon
£10 per player.


Did you know ?

Did you know you are not restricted to a set training day?

We have had recently a few parents asking if they can come to a different class day due to a commitment.

You may change your training days as and when and if you miss a week or we are closed due to
public holiday, you can pick up an extra class the following week.

The SESMA Studio will be CLOSED Easter weekend Friday 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th April

May Family Day

Come and join us for a family day out on Sunday 7th May 10am

Earlham Park for a walk and then a group picnic with some games.

Dogs welcome, but remember their is a river.

More NERF WARS Dates

Some more Nerf Battle Dates for your diary.

Booking is open too.

Nerf Gun Parties at SESMA Martial Arts Studio Norwich

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