July News 2024

White & Red belt grading

We will be giving out invites to White & Red Belts in April to attend their grading on:

          Saturday 29th June   1pm Kickboxing        Karate 2pm           

On the day of your grading, could you please:

🥋 Wear full martial arts outfit inc belt

🥋 £20 payment for your White to Red Belt Grading (pay on the day)

🥋 £30 for Red to Yellow Belt Grading (pay on the day)

🥋 Your grading invite

Grading Weekend  Yellow & Above

We still have 1 week to go to achieve grading invites.

The invite has details of date, time and a QR code for you to book and pay for the grading.

We will NOT be taking any payments on the day.

All grading payments must be done by the QR code on the invite.

If you are not quite ready for your grading, do not be dishearted, it is not a race to black belt and their will be an opportunity to grade soon.

Black Belt Mock Grading

2nd Brown Belt

If you are a second brown belt and wanting to take your Mock Grading then please see your instructor to receive your Mock Grading Invite, which will have details of times etc.

You will not be presented one unless you ask your instructor for an invite.

We feel that at 2nd Brown belt you are at a grade that you can take responsibility for your own decision whether to take the Mock Grading or not.

There is no Pass or Fail on a Mock Grading, but for feedback and to maintain the experience of gradings.

Those students that are 2nd Brown belt in either Karate or Kickboxing will have had to have waited a minimum of 9 months and have attended 2 mock gradings before being allowed to grade for Black Belt.

If you are unable to get to see your instructor before the Mock Grading Date for your invite, then you may still attend, details below:

Kickboxing Saturday 29th June 5-7pm £25

Karate Sunday 30th June 3-5pm £25

Payment link HERE

Closed SATURDAY 13th July

Due to circumstances beyond even our control
the sesma studio will be closed
We will be open for the rest of July as normal.

DEMO Taverham Junior School

We have been asked to provide a demo for Taverham Junior School.

This is the only demo that sesma has agreed to provide this year, as we have found a lack of interest from students/parents to take part in the demos. 

Proven by the fact we only have 11 interested in taking part at this demo.

If you would like to help SESMA at this demo please email info@sesma.co.uk

DEMO Thursday 4th July 6pm


Booking for this event is now available, please click “BOOKING” Button below

You don’t need a canoe or paddle board as we can swap about whilst having a picnic.
Parents can enjoy a few bevvies too.

Sunday 28th July 12 noon

The Bush Pub
55 The Street, Costessey, Norwich NR8 5DD

Games Evening

Games Evening Saturday 20th July 6pm – whenever pm

Come and join us in a fun evening of board games at the SESMA Studio

Bring along your favourite games to share the fun with other game loving individuals and families.

This is a free event open to all.

We have had a couple of families bring food to share, so lets all bring a little something for all to share.

Tea/Coffee and squash provided.

Summer NERF Dates coming soon

The Nerf Gun play starts with your battle kit being issued before top secret, very important safety briefing. Then it’s into the zone for fun filled Nerf gun battle action under the watchful eyes of your battlefield commanders!

All safety equipment, scenarios, guns and FUN provided.

£10 per player.


Bring a friend week

Bring a friend to your class for some fun and martial arts. You could also be in for a chance to win £20.

Starts Monday 22nd July to Saturday 27th July

See your instructor for a Bring A Friend form

NEW SESMA Promo video

We are so excited about our new sesma promo video that high lights all our classes.
Please copy the Youtube link and paste on your facebook  and comment that SESMA offer free trial classes.

Thank you

Reel Smart Media

Closed August Bank Holiday weekend 24th/25th/26th August

Remember you are not restricted to your class day, you are able to change days or make up for missed one.

We are open the rest of the Summer Holidays

Active Norfolk & Youth Sports Trust

Get News….
SESMA have been asked to support Active Norfolk & the Youth Sport Trust in providing martial art & self defence sessions.
Active Norfolk & the Youth Sport Trustwill be running a Get Active Festival at the Sportspark on 9th July as part of the Norfolk School Games for year 7 & 8 students who have difficulty engaging in sports.
At present 14 high schools will be attending the festival, which will give the children the opportunity to try a selection of activities, including karate & kickboxing with SESMA Martial Arts.
Im so excited about this, as all the hard work in building a a reputation as an awesome professional martial arts school is being recognized at another level.
Amazing work everyone, students parents, staff and Instructors 🤩🤩🤩
Do you have any friends that you think would enjoy karate or kickboxing??

Ask them to fill in the enquiry form on our Refer-A-Friend web page and we will contact them and book them a no obligation free trial.

If they enjoy the free trial and book on to our beginners intro course, you will receive a nice crisp £20 note.


Please Note: to qualify for the £20 programme, your friend must fill in the “Referral Free Trial Lesson” enquiry form on the sesma website and list you as their referral friend.

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