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Motivational Monday Habits Picture

Motivational Monday Habits

Master Wayne talks about how we can create a good habit in 3 weeks and not 248 days. Level of Commitment  Internal & External Accountability Size of Habit [...]Read

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Positive Number 3

Motivational Monday Positive Number 3

Master Wayne looks in to the why the number 3 is seen as a positive number and how we should start looking for positives during the day in 3’s. [...]Read

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What makes you happy

Motivational Monday What Makes You Happy

Master Wayne talks about What Makes You Happy and it is usually the small non material things that really makes us happy. [...]Read

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Get Up quote

Motivational Monday Getting Up

American Martial Artist & World Champion Desmond Dias talks about Getting Up and doing the work to make yourself better and to inspire others. [...]Read

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Life Focus

Motivational Monday Being Focused

Master Wayne talks about FOCUSING on the positive and not the negative during your day. Whether it be a smile, wave or a hug and blank out the negative. [...]Read

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May Newsletter 2021

Soooo Good To Be Back Back on the mats teaching and training again, so great to be back and seeing everyone’s smiling faces. All students are working hard and having fun, just like it should be at our classes.Everyone are following the safety procedures and those that train at the studio are

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