June Newsletter

Thursday 2nd June Class Venue Change see below

Queens Platinum Jubilee & class venue change

👑 Thursday 2nd June 👑

Sesma has been asked to take part in the celebrations for the jubilee and we have of course agreed 😃!

The fayre opens at 6:30pm and goes on until 10pm.

We have been asked to perform a demonstration at 7:30pm and we would love as many of our amazing martial artists to come and show everyone how awesome we are 😃!

Also classes for this day will be up at the king George playing field on Drayton high road, at the normal class times where we will be doing our lessons but having plenty of games aswell and I have been told by the organisers there are plenty of food stalls aswell so why not make an evening of it!

If you are able to come along and support us in celebrating the jubilee that would be awesome!

Keep an eye on Facebook as this event is weather dependent so I will inform you all of any changes.
sesma norwich celebrating queen jubilee

Next KATA Friday 3rd June

Please Note Time Change

Due to the Queens Jubilee, the sessions will be held in the morning.

9am Yellow, Orange & Green Belts
10am  2nd Green to Purple Belts
11am Brown & Above

The katas are also available to view on the SESMA Members Portal.

If you have not yet registered to the Portal then please follow link: Members Portal

Sensei Tom SESMA wins inspiration award

Inspirational Instructor Award

Sensei Tom SESMA’s Head Instructor was awarded Inspirational Instructor for all the hard work he does with the children and adults at SESMA.

He was chosen out off all the nominations that NEST received, and NEST covers the whole country and includes over 1000 martial arts instructors.

SESMA were short listed for the Community Award for all the anti-bullying & self defence work that SESMA do in schools. Another school that teaches and empowers disabled children won the award, but the fact that we were nominated was a win for me & my instructors.
sesma norwich karate kickboxing kungfu at awards evening

Up Coming Demonstrations

Taverham Fayre

Saturday 25th June 

Classes will be held at the Taverham Fayre behind the Village Hall on Sandy Lane NR8 6JR
Classes Times:
11am: Elite/Intermediate Karate & Little Dragons
12pm: Low Grade Karate & Kickboxing
Demo start time To Be Confirmed

Taverham Junior School Summer Fete

 Thursday 14th July 6pm
(Karate & Kickboxing 6yrs+ not L’Dragons)
Many of you attend or have attended this school and im sure it would be great for you at show off your skills. Even if you don’t go to the school, it would be nice to support SESMA at this fete.

Classes as normal at the studio

Horsford Carnival

 Sat 9th July 12pm – 2pm (Karate 6yrs+)
The parade starts 12pm at Horford middle school on Mill Lane (parking limited) and will journey to the village green on Holt Road
We will then be performing a Demo at 2pm. I would love as many students as possible to attend please, to show how awesome YOU & SESMA Martial Arts are.

Classes as normal at the studio

White to Red Belt Grading

The next White to Red belt grading is on Saturday 4th June at the SESMA Studio

Karate 10am     Kickboxing 12pm

Those that are ready, would have been given an Invitation to the grading and have had a phone call.

More details available here: https://sesma.co.uk/white-to-red-belt-grading-details/

New karate Teaching Time Table

The new instructors karate teaching timetable appears to be going well and their are covering all aspects of the what you need to learn for your next belt.

A copy of the teaching table is available on the Home Page of the SESMA Members Portal.

If you missed a certain aspect due to being ill, you can easily look for the next time it is being taught and catch up.

The Timetable starts on the 1st Monday of the month.
Any days that fall out of the teaching timetable are instructors choice.


Family Dinosaur Hunt

Sunday 3rd July 10am
Meet at top of the market new war memorial.

Where will EqualiT-Rex Be?

The Dinosaur trail starts soon

The trail will be live across Norfolk from Monday 27th June until Saturday 10th September and will encourage explorers of all ages to have fun and learn more about the county.

We have a prize of a SESMA Hoodie for the best photo of a student with EqualiT-Rex

I’ve been told that he will be near the Forum, so get hunting a snap a photo of yourself with EqualiT-Rex.

To be in for a chance to win a hoodie, you need to upload to both
 SESMA Martial Arts Facebook page and the SESMA Members page.

Inflatable 5k Fun Run

Awesome day at the Showground running over inflatable obstacles.

Thank you to all that took part.

Besafe womens self defence 24/7 online course for all females

A New Adventure

Master Wayne has started a new business delivering self-defence workshops to the public, businesses and schools.

Some of you may have already attended one of the Women’s Self Defence workshops run in collaboration with TLC at the studio and will know how informative and empowering they are.

Wayne has delivered workshops to the Garage as part of their CPD-Continued Professional Development, Puppet IT Staff, Acle High School and will be soon delivering a workshop to First Response team.

Online Women's Self Defence Course

Our online self defence course is designed to be easy to understand, learn, practice and remember

There are no complicated moves that take years to practice, just simple basic moves that work 

Unfortunately we do not live in a world that all women should have the confidence to walk alone and not feel vulnerable of being harassed or assaulted

The BESAFE Women’s Self Defence online course is about empowering women and giving them the knowledge to protect themselves and have the feeling of being safe in everyday life

Pre-Order and get 50% discount on the course price of £58, meaning you only pay £29 if you pre-order the course now.

I’m currently filming and editing all the content to go in the course which all should be ready in 6-8 weeks

From Last Months Newsletter

Wayne Baker Self Defence & Personal Safety Instructor

Master Wayne has recently been on 2 instructor courses for Self Defence & Personal Safety and passed both courses.

BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructors Qualification Sections included:
Criminal Law
Civil Law
Human Rights Act
Health & Safety at Work Act
The Primitive Stress Response
The effects of Adrenaline on the body
Psychology of combat and the relationship between motor skill learning and performance (that’s a mouthful)
Hick’s & Guthrie’s Law and their effect on learning Physical skills Teaching of physical self defence skills demonstrating understanding of all of the above.

Violence Prevention & Management Instructors Qualification

Master Wayne is the only self defence & personal safety instructor in Norfolk to have this qualification.

The course covered:
Difference between social and predator violence.
De-escalation techniques.
Mirroring and Clarification
Solution Hunting
and way to much to list.

SESMA Martial Arts are always looking to improve your martial arts club and make it even more awesome. 

Wayne Baker Self Defence Personal Protection Instructor

May Fitness

Hope your still on your fitness goal and feeling more healthy.

Here is your next months fitness challenge and its an arm, shoulder and core challenge

Im sure we would love to have a 6-pack (not the fridge 6-pack) but having a strong core is more important.

Enjoy the challenge and ask a friend to join you, it will help keep you motivated.

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