Motivational Monday – Critic or Excuser

Motivational Monday – Critic or Excuser

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and criticise ourselves to an unhelpful degree.

Sometimes we are too easy on ourselves and let excuses run our lives.

Its not easy trying to find a balance between criticising and being too easy on ourselves.

It is like having the devil on each shoulders shouting at you, which one do you listen to?

Neither, I don’t listen to either of them, I try to find the calm between the two.

I had a habit of being too critical on myself, though it has its positives, it cost too much in time and energy, made me stressed and lost precious moment with family and friends.

Now I relax a little and allow myself to be a little rough round the edges, but not too much.
Not caring and allowing excuses to rule our lives is the complete opposite and can have just as bad an effect on yourself, family, friends and life.

This week find the balance between the two and pull yourself back to centre.

SESMA Motivational Monday - Critic or excuser

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