Motivational Monday – Dream Believe Achieve

Motivational Monday – Dream Believe Achieve

Apologies for another late MM but you will understand why shortly.

I was completing a Violence Prevention & Management Instructors Course today when I saw an A4 poster stating 3 words Dream Believe Achieve and it resonated with me and my goals.

And wandered how many of us have a dream.

Yes it would be great to dream about winning the lottery, big house, flash cars, own an island etc, but I mean dreams that are not wild fantasies but ones that could be achievable.

Your children to be successful later in life, maybe for yourselves to retire and travel, spend quality time with grandchildren, start your own business, whatever your dream can be achievable.

You just need to believe in yourself or your children and it will be achievable, maybe not tomorrow but one day.

So ask yourself 3 questions:

  • What is your DREAM?
  • Do you BELIEVE in it?
  • How can you ACHIEVE it?

My “Dream” is for SESMA and the instructors to be seen as a pillar of the community.

I “Believe” with hard work, dedication and giving back to the community, it is possible.

SESMA and the instructors continually strive to be and give their best and further their knowledge to make sure that we ACHIEVE my dream

Motivational Monday - Dream Believe Achieve - sesma martial arts norwich

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