April Newsletter 2022

Thank You

SESMA Family,
Thank you to all that donated to the Ukraine JustGiving page that SESMA organized.

With the SESMA’s donation we have raised £1000 add that to the previous donation that SESMA made for Dave’s first trip, the SESMA FAMILY have donated a total….


That is an awesome amount and thank you so much.
The money will be used for much needed supplies and will go direct to the Refugee Centres.

Again thank you all so much, and to the lady that knitted the dog coats.


Norwich Grading 3rd April

Grading invites have gone out ready for Sunday, still a couple of days left to recieve your invite.
If you are not ready, don’t worry, it’s not a race to Black Belt, it took me 7 years to acheive mine, where Sempi Isabel took 4 years.

If you can’t make the grading due to illness or holiday, we will be having a catch up grading on a Saturday in May (date to be confirmed) so don’t Panic

Norwich Karate Dates & Times:
Sunday 3rd April, 

9am -11am Red, Yellow & Orange Belts,
11am-1pm Green, 2nd Green, Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
1pm-3pm Purple, Brown & 2nd Brown Belts

Norwich Kickboxing Times: 
Sunday 3rd April, 

3pm White-Green Junior & Senior
5pm 2nd Green – 2nd Brown Junior & Senior

We will hopefully live feed the grading on the SESMA Members Facebook for all to watch, pending on tech and gremlins on the day.
If you have not yet requested to be a member on our facebook group page, then please follow the link HERE


Congratulations to Ben, Rhys & Chloe who competed at the Peterborough Open 27th March.
We are so proud of you. 

– Traditional Open hand kata under 15 yrs 2nd place 🥈
– Creative kata under 16 yrs 2nd place 🥈
– Traditional Open hand kata 16yrs+ 1st place 🥇
– Creative kata 16yrs+ 2nd place 🥈
– Traditional Open hand kata 16yrs+ 2nd place 🥈
– Creative Open hand kata 16yrs+ 1st place 🥇
And we all won gold for team kata! 🥇🥇🥇

Easter Holiday KATA Sessions

We are holding 2 extra KATA sessions during the school holidays.

Tuesday 5th April (CANCELLED due to lack of interest, 2 students)

Thursday 14th April

Times: 9-10am Yellow & Orange Belts
            10-11am Green & 2nd Green Belts
            11-12pm Blue & 2nd Blue
            12-1pm Purple & Above.

Cost £7 per child per session

Please book your place press GREEN BUTTON 

KATA Fridays

We also have a KATA FRIDAY which is FREE to all students Yellow Belt & Above.

There is a KATA training day Friday  1st April
4pm Yellow & Orange Belts
5pm Green & 2nd Green Belts
6pm Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
7pm Purple & Above

The katas are also available to view on the SESMA Members Portal.

If you have not yet registered to the Portal then please follow link: Members Portal

Nerf Gun Play

Nerf Gun Play at SESMA

Wednesday 6th April 10am £10 

The Nerf Gun play starts with your battle kit being issued before top secret, very important safety briefing. Then it’s into the zone for fun filled Nerf gun battle action under the watchful eyes of your battlefield commanders!

All safety equipment, scenarios, guns and FUN provided.

Ages 6-12yrs

For more details please contact Larraine 07756 667591

SESMA Nerf Gun Play
Children on bouncy castle

Soft Play Activity with bouncy Castles

Soft Play Activity with bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles* space hoppers Foam Shapes, Soft Balls and Sumo Suits

Enjoy some fun bonding time playing with your children, while they let off some energy in our safe play area.

Ages 3-9yrs

For more details please contact Larraine 07756 667591

*1 or 2 castles depending on number of children

The SESMA Studio will be closed on:

Good Friday 15th , Saturday 16th Easter Sunday 17th & Easter Monday 18th.

Saturday 14th May due to instructors being nominated for awards in Nottingham 🤞🤞🤞

If any of these are your usual training days, then please feel free to make them up on an other day. 

April Fitness

Hope your still on your fitness goal and feeling more healthy.

Here is your next months fitness challenge and its an all rounder including cardio, core and strength work

Im sure we would love to have a 6-pack (not the fridge 6-pack) but having a strong core is more important.

Enjoy the challenge and ask a friend to join you, it will help keep you motivated.

SESMA Martial Arts £20 referral
SESMA Martial arts website refer a friend


I guess all of us could do with £20 in their pocket or piggy bank.

Well im giving away £20 notes to my students who refer a friend to SESMA

If your friend attends a Free taster and then completes a beginners intro trial course, we will give you £20 for introducing them.

Easy as that.

Either ask them to book via sesma.co.uk and click on the “Student Refer A Friend” button or pick up a Referral Card from your instructor, put your name on it, add your friends details and bring back to the studio.

We will do the rest and you could receive a £20 note. 

5K Inflatable Run

Come and join the SESMA instructors for a mad 5k Inflatable run on the 7th May 9am-2pm.

You will need to book your own tickets

Book Here 

Its a flexi wave so we will try and get together on the same wave. 

Please book 2pm time wave so that the satuday classes have finished.

We have had lots of interest on SESMA Facebook for this so Lets Do It.

Let me know on facebook that you have booked your place.

KATA Booking Form

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