Motivational Monday – Heros

Motivational Monday – Heroes

Im not talking about Superman or Batman…though Batman is awesome!!

I mean real people.

Im sure many of you have had a hero or looked up to someone in your life.

What makes them your hero, is it their sporting skill, their knowledge, their wealth or their passion to help others?

Mine is anyone that ignores their physical disabilities and strives to reach their goals.

There are many factors that can put someone on a pedestal and it is down to each individual who is inspired by them and holds that person aloft, to give them the title of “my hero”.

Who is your Hero and why?

Choosing Your Heros Barret Brooks Writer/Researcher

“Here’s the thing about your heroes: You have to know about them to look up to them. The candidate pool is 100% limited by your exposure. That’s why so many kids look up to athletes, I think. They haven’t been exposed to enough other people to look up to them.

Here’s how I think about that: Who haven’t I been exposed to that would inspire me if I knew they existed or knew the details of their lives? And how could I learn about those people?”


Motivational Monday SESMA Martial Arts - Heros

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