February Newsletter 2022

Personal Safety Workshops

SESMA have been providing women’s personal safety workshops in connection with Transforing Local Communities free of charge every month.

Any donations or businesses sponsoring the workshop have bought CCTV’s and dash cams for those that have suffered domestic violence.

Our Next Workshop

🗓 Friday 25th February
⏰ 6pm to 8pm
📍 SESMA Martial Arts, Drayton, Norwich
💰 FREE class and FREE safety alarm
(a £5 fully refundable booking fee is required to secure a place)
This class is for those aged 16+ only.
Be quick to secure your place! Many attend this event alone so please do not let this hold you back!
All donations fund CCTV, Dash Cams and security lighting for those experiencing post relationship abuse.

To book your place follow the below link…

SESMA Martial Arts Personal Safety WorkshopGroup Photo
SESMA Martial Arts Personal Safety Workshop CCTV cameras
SESMA Martial Arts Workshops personal safety EDP
SESMA Martial Arts gender diverdity workshop
SESMA Martial Arts self defence workshop with Windy Miller
SESMA Martial Arts gender diversity workshop prsenter
SESMA Martial Arts womens self protection personal course with Mary Stavens

More Workshops


SESMA Instructors and staff have been on a Gender Diversity workshop presented by Andrew Copeman of Growing Roots Community.
We also had a guess presenter who chatted about experience of her son who is trans-gender.

Psychology of Personal Safety

Another great workshop that the instructors attended, was the Psychology & Teaching of personal safety presented by Windy Miller.

Domestic Personal Safety

Stacy of Transforming Local Communities and Master Wayne drove to Oxford for a personal workshop with Personal Safety expert Mary Stevens. Both learnt so much and reinforced much that we presently do.

Teaching in Schools

Master Wayne taught over 1500 children during January at local schools.

Many of your children may have helped & demonstrated during the school sessions and earned points for your house.

Master Wayne had a great time teaching the benefits of martial arts and how karate/kickboxing can help with confidence. 

Master Wayne will be soon teaching young adults that have are unable to attend main stream schools.
Catch22 have approached SESMA to provide Kickboxing to their students. 

If you would like your school to have a visit by Master Wayne, Please get in touch.

SESMA Martial Arts horsford junior school
SESMA Martial Arts Drayton Junior School
SESMA Martial Arts school taster taverham
SESMA Martial Arts Nightingale infant school
SESMA Martial Arts horsford infant school
SESMA Martial Arts dinosaur designs
SESMA Martial Arts dinosaur comp


The instructors were so impressed with everyones designs that they have decided to reduce all the designs and paste them over the T-Rex.

We will be sticking the mini dinosaurs on to the T-Rex Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th February 4-6pm.
If you would like to come and stick your design on T-Rex, then come along. 
All remaining designs will be pasted on the the dinosaur by the end of the week.
T-Rex will be picked up by Break Charity on the 25th to be added to the trail later in the year.
Thank you to all participated in the designs, raising the funds to purchase out T-Rex and Williams Way Estate Agents.


I guess all of us could do with £20 in their pocket or piggy bank.

Well im giving away £20 notes to my students who refer a friend to SESMA

If your friend attends a Free taster and then completes a beginners intro trial course, we will give you £20 for introducing them.

Easy as that.

Either ask them to book via sesma.co.uk and click on the “Student Refer A Friend” button or pick up a Referral Card from your instructor, put your name on it, add your friends details and bring back to the studio.

We will do the rest and you could receive a £20 note. 

SESMA Martial Arts £20 referral
SESMA Martial arts website refer a friend

Click on picture to save and print

February Fitness

Hope your still on your fitness goal and feeling more healthy.

Here is your next months fitness challenge and its all about working your core.

Lets get our core stronger and working harder.

Im sure we would love to have a 6-pack (not the fridge 6-pack) but having a strong core is more important.

Enjoy the challenge and ask a friend to join you, it will help keep you motivated.

5K Inflatable Run

Come and join the SESMA instructors for a mad 5k Inflatable run on the 7th May 9am-2pm.

You will need to book your own tickets

Book Here 

Its a flexi wave so we will try and get together on the same wave. 

Please book 2pm time wave so that the satuday classes have finished.

We have had lots of interest on SESMA Facebook for this so Lets Do It.

Let me know on facebook that you have booked your place.

Family Treasure Hunt trail

Sunday 13th February 10am 

Come and join us for a Treasure Trail in Norwich

These have been well supported in the past and have been great fun too.

Meeting Point: City Hall Steps over looking the market

Car parking: Forum but St.Andrews is cheaper.

Each family will be given a booklet containing clues and directions with a mission answer grid to help break the code and save the day.

Approx 1.5 hours of clue finding and then if interested a coffee in the Forum after.

Those that have taken part on these with us before have all enjoyed, with many looking forward to the next.

No prize for the winning team or the 1st to complete, just Bragging rights.

Remember to bring a Pen.

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