Motivational Monday – New Years Resolutions

Create a Habit

How many of you have made a New Years resolution to start or give up something?

Its going to be a journey with many hurdles and most of them will be at the start.

If you can get in to a “habit” then it will make your commitment easier to you keeping your goal.

To try and help you form a habit, think of these 3 changes:

Why will it change me?

How will it change me?

And change how you say it, example; change “I want to …….” to “ I will………”

This will give you a more stronger visual goal and positive outlook, which will increase your chance to forming your habit and being committed to your goals.

Its not going to be easy, but anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

Remember to ask friends to help you with your NY resolution, it makes it easier and gives you some extra accountability.

MM forming a habit to commitment

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