January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New Year to you our SESMA Family.

Happy New Year to you our SESMA Family.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and looking forward to getting back to training, learning and having fun at SESMA

So looking forward to seeing you all 

Classes restart back Wednesday 5th January.

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January Fitness

Is you New Year’s Resolution to start getting fit or lose those extra few inches.

Try our 28 days of fitness to kickstart you fitness goal.

28 days forms a habit, so not only will you be getting fitter, but exercising will become part of your day.

One of the main reasons people fail with their New Year’s resolution is COMMITMENT. 

Drink plenty of water and cut down on those chocolates and biscuits that are left over from xmas.

Why not donate your unopened packs to your local Food-Bank?

If you have any medical conditions or injury, seek medical advice before commencing any exercise.

Tuesday Classes

Tuesday Class Times

As from January the Tuesday class times will be as follows:

5pm Beginners and Low Grades
6pm Intermediate Grades
7pm Elite Students

Our new instructor Sensei Jamie 3rd Dan will be teaching and is super keen to be passing on his knowledge to you all.

SESMA Martial Arts Norwich Senior Instructor Jamie Goorwitch
sesma norwich litter pick

You NEED to BOOK so that we have enough equipment.


FAMILY DAY Helping The Community

We start our monthly Family Day with helping SESMA’s local Community by doing
a Litter Pick

Come and join us on Sunday 9th January 2022 from 09:45, meeting at SESMA Martial Arts Studio.

Please do not use the car park directly in front of SESMA. 

All equipment is provided. Please ensure to wear suitable clothing (long sleeves/bottoms and closed toe shoes).Your attendance MUST be booked in advance and a ticket reserved for each member of your party. This is so that we can ensure enough equipment is available.

All ages welcome. Under 18’s are required to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

FREE refreshments will be available after to say thank you for your help!

Please do not attend the litter pick if you have any Covid symptoms.

We look forward to seeing you all on the day 🙂



Last year Sensei Rhys and Master Wayne organised a food bank collection and delivered it to local charities to help the homeless.

We would like to do the same this year.

Over Christmas we all indulge in chocolate, biscuits and buffet nibbles so if you have any unopened packets of crisps or other nibbles, or have way to much chocolate, biscuits etc and you would like to pass on to those in need you can do by bringing it to the studio when we re open and we will distribute to local food banks 😁.

We will place a box in reception for those that may wish to add items.

sesma norwich food bank

5K Inflatable Run

Come and join the SESMA instructors for a mad 5k Inflatable run on the 7th May 9am-2pm.

You will need to book your own tickets

Book Here 

Its a flexi wave so we will try and get together on the same wave. 

Please book 2pm time wave so that the satuday classes have finished.

We have had lots of interest on SESMA Facebook for this so Lets Do It.

Let me know on facebook that you have booked your place.

Review of 2021 What a Year

2021 Review

We all started the 2021 New Year thinking that Covid-19 was left in 2020, but we were so wrong.
With lockdowns, restrictions and classes on Zoom, SESMA had their hands tied on how much they could do for the SESMA family and the community.

But since restrictions were lifted to a point, where we could go back to some sense of normality, SESMA have worked hard to make up for lost ground.

Here’s a quick review of 2021, well half of 2021 anyway….

 Zoom Fitness

SESMA held twice weekly zoom fitness classes for those that were either isolating themselves or off work to look after their children that were isolating.

 Online International Kata Competitions

SESMA students have been competing in Kata online, in a series of International Competitions.
Students have to record themselves performing a Kata and then upload them to their relevant competition category.
These are then scored with other entries by selected high level judges from around the world.
During 2021 the following SESMA student have won:

Ben Fordham: 3 silver, 7 Bronze
Rhys Carter: 7 Golds, 1 Silver
Lexie McLellan: 3 Gold, 8 Silver, 3 Bronze
Chloe Miller: 13 Golds, 8 Silver, 2 Bronze
Anji Hedges: 4 Gold
Mylee Hedges: 40 Gold, 17 Silver, 9 Bronze, 3 Grand Champions.

Anti-Bullying & Womens/Girls Self-Protection

SESMA delivered free anti-bullying workshops to local schools in the area.
This helped over 1000 children become more aware of bullying and what to do in the event of being bullied.

SESMA has built a website to give advice to those that are being bullied and also advice for parents with children that are being bullied.

Instructors and staff of SESMA have completed an Anti-Bullying Awareness course run by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

SESMA has teamed up with Stacy Bradley of Transforming Local Communities enterprise to deliver free Self-Protection Workshops to over 125 Girls/Women in the local area.
Helping girls and women feel more confident and externally and internally aware.

1st Aid

SESMA joined up with Andy Anderson of First Aid at Work Norfolk to deliver children’s first aid course at the SESMA Studio, raising money for the Norfolk Air Ambulance.

Supporting Break Charity

SESMA Students & William’s Way Estate Agents teamed together to purchase a community Breakasaurus T-Rex to decorate for the 2022 Dinosaur Trail.

Family Days

SESMA organized monthly family days which consisted of treasure trials, superspies and detectives. These were held in local coastal towns and villages, where children not only had fun solving clues, but learnt about the towns/villages too.

Halloween & Christmas Parties

Halloween was for many the first party they have been able to attend since Covid hit in 2020, so there was much fun and laughter as the children jumped on the bouncy castles and played.
Unfortunately our Christmas party had to cancelled due to Covid concerns at it spoiling everyones Christmas and preventing families coming together.


Was does 2022 bring for SESMA

Was does 2022 bring for SESMA

More workshops in schools.

Instructors/Staff attending courses including Gender Diversity Awareness, Knife Defence and Self-Protection for Children

More Self-Protection courses for girls and women in the Norfolk area.

Continued work with Transforming Local Communities providing Domestic Abuse Safety, Lone Workers Personal Safety, and Self -Protection courses to businesses.

Further partnering with First Aid at Work Norfolk providing 1st courses for children.

Monthly Fitness challenges for students and their family

Monthly Family Days

Attending martial art competitions and nurturing our up and coming sport karate students.

Continue supporting the Break Charity with the Dinosaur Trail

And I am sure that more will be added to the list for SESMA, making it the most family orientated martial arts schools in the area and still one of the most community supportive.

SO…all at SESMA look forward to seeing you back at classes in the New Year and ready to kick 2022 in to action.

MWx & Teamxx

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