Motivational Monday – Would I Be?

Motivational Monday – Would You Be….?

My apologises for my absence over the last month, but I am back with your weekly Motivational Monday thoughts for the week.

We start May with thinking on Would You Be better off if you changed this or changed that.

Or would you be better off if you focused more on improving what you already have?

Many good opportunities are ruined for the dream of slightly better ones.

Would you have a more successful career if you had taken that other job or moved cities? Possibly. But your actual career will definitely suffer if you don’t commit to doing it to the best of your ability.

Would you be 10% happier in a different relationship? Maybe. Maybe not. But you’ll definitely be unhappy in the one you have if you spend all day thinking about what else is out there.

The sure-fire way to end up worse off is to agonize over unchosen options and fail to make the most of the one you selected. Every minute spent yearning for your unlived lives is a moment you can’t invest in the one you actually have.

Choices matter, but so does your level of commitment.

What opportunities are there that you can focus on improving with a little more commitment?


Motivational monday sesma martial arts - Would I be

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