May Newsletter

Bank Holidays

The SESMA Studio will be closed May Bank Holiday Monday 2nd

Classes will run as normal on Coronation Thursday 2nd June & Platinum Jubilee Friday 3rd June

Catch Up Grading

The catch up grading is for those that were invited to the main grading but were unable to attend.

Karate: Sunday 8th May 9am White to Green Belts 10:30am 2nd Green to Brown
No Black Belt Mocks 

Kickboxing: Sat 7th – Thurs 12th May You will be graded during your class time. Adults Mon & Thur 8pm Juniors Sat 12pm & Wed 5pm
 No Black Belt Mocks
Next White Belt Grading after the 8th May will be Saturday 4th June 10am Karate 12pm Kickboxing

Viewing Area

The upstairs viewing area is for parents of children that are on a beginners course or children that have
complicated medical issues ie diabetes.

From experience, children contrate, learn and progress more when parents are not watching them. The children tend to focus more on their parents and not on the learning and instructor of the class.
If children are not focusing on their class, they learn less and also increase the risk of injury or accidents.

So please do not put the receptionists or the instructors in the embarrassing position to ask you leave the building
because you have sneaked upstairs.

East of England Championships


The SESMA Competition Squad did amazingly well at the East of England Championships winning
6 Gold
5 Silver
5 Bronze

and some students may not have brought home a medal, but they did win in the instructors eyes as they have won experience.

Sensei Rhys Kata 3 Gold 1 Silver
Sendei Chloe Kata1 Gold 1 Silver 1 Bronze
Sensei Toni Kata1 Bronze
Sempi Ben Kata2 Silver
2nd Green Belt Kata Nyah 1 Gold
Purple Belt Rowena  Kata1 Gold
Green Belt Charlie Kickboxing 2 Bronze
Orange Belt Jimmy Kickboxing  1 Silver 1 Bronze

SESMA MArtial Arts Norwich Newmarket Karate Kickboxing Kungfu

Yellow Belt Karate Students

Yellow Belt Karate students will need to learn more for their next belt, more kicks, punches, self defence and blocks.

ALSO a KATA (a set series of moves that form a pattern of martial arts moves). The Yellow Belt Kata is 20 moves long and will need practice at the studio and at home.

When a student reaches Yellow belt, they need to be considering training more than once a week to progress further in their learning, development and progression in martial arts and to reach the level that everyone knows as a sign of commitment, focus, self-discipline and have the ability to protect themselves…..a Black Belt

Those that have just recently been awarded their new Yellow Belt will receive a letter from NEST, so please check your Junk Mail. 

Extra training class for YELLOW Belts –  KATA FRIDAY class on the 1st Friday of each month which is great for learning the new kata.
The classes are split down into 2 belt colours and have 2 instructors teaching, so that we can concentrate on giving the best to our students.

We will also have a KATA WEEK of teaching (3rd week of the month) where all karate classes will concentrate solely on Kata and another aspect like punches or kicks.

This then gives plenty of opportunity for the students to learn and practice the kata. The katas are also available on the SESMA Members Portal.

Next KATA Friday 6th May

4pm Yellow & Orange Belts
5pm Green & 2nd Green Belts
6pm Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
7pm Purple & Above

The katas are also available to view on the SESMA Members Portal.

If you have not yet registered to the Portal then please follow link: Members Portal

New Teaching Time Table

The instructors have a new revised teaching timetable, so that all aspects of the what you need to learn for your next belt are covered.

A copy of the teaching table is available on the Home Page of the SESMA Members Portal.

If you missed a certain aspect due to being ill, you can easily look for the next time it is being taught and catch up.

The Timetable starts on the 1st Monday of the month.
Any days that fall out of the teaching timetable are instructors choice.


Competition Training

Competition Training will be slightly different this month (May) 
As Normal on the Friday 13th.
Friday 20th will change to Friday 27th May

Master Wayne Qualified Self Defence & Personal Safety Instructor

Wayne Baker Self Defence & Personal Safety Instructor

Master Wayne has recently been on 2 instructor courses for Self Defence & Personal Safety and passed both courses.

BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructors Qualification Sections included:
Criminal Law
Civil Law
Human Rights Act
Health & Safety at Work Act
The Primitive Stress Response
The effects of Adrenaline on the body
Psychology of combat and the relationship between motor skill learning and performance (that’s a mouthful)
Hick’s & Guthrie’s Law and their effect on learning Physical skills Teaching of physical self defence skills demonstrating understanding of all of the above.

Violence Prevention & Management Instructors Qualification

Master Wayne is the only self defence & personal safety instructor in Norfolk to have this qualification.

The course covered:
Difference between social and predator violence.
De-escalation techniques.
Mirroring and Clarification
Solution Hunting
and way to much to list.

SESMA Martial Arts are always looking to improve your martial arts club and make it even more awesome. 

Wayne Baker Self Defence Personal Protection Instructor

Master Wayne is looking to provide Self-Protection & Self-Defence to the community but also to businesses and local authorities like school teachers and nurses.
Lone-workers like district nurses and estate agents are also very vulnerable, so Master Wayne would like to assist them in their knowledge of person safety and how to escape a situation. 

If you would like organise Master Wayne to deliver a workshop at your business, attend a workshop or book a 1-2-1, then please contact him on or 07739914684

Ukraine Support

Dave& Lynn Holland and a team of voluntees recently made their 2nd trip to the boarder of Poland from Luxemburg to deliver much needed supplies to the Refugee Centres.

Dave & Lynn recorded their journey and and the highlites are available here for you to see.

Many of the SESMA students were inspired as much as  I was, and together we have raised a total of
£1300 towards their trips.

Dave & Lynn have sent their thanks and Sue & myself are so proud of those that donated.


The SESMA Studio will be closed on:

Saturday 14th May due to instructors being nominated for awards in Nottingham 🤞🤞🤞

If any of these are your usual training days, then please feel free to make them up on an other day. 

May Fitness

Hope your still on your fitness goal and feeling more healthy.

Here is your next months fitness challenge and its an arm, shoulder and core challenge

Im sure we would love to have a 6-pack (not the fridge 6-pack) but having a strong core is more important.

Enjoy the challenge and ask a friend to join you, it will help keep you motivated.

5K Inflatable Run

Looking forward to this and having some great fun with the SESMA Students taking part.

Those that have booked, see you there.

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