February Newsletter 2023

Welcome to the February edition of the SESMA Newsletter.

February was the month that Sue & myself open the doors to the SESMA Studio 18 years ago.

SESMA orginally started in Thorpe Marriott’s Village hall and after years of holding down 2 jobs as well as us running the club, we took the very scary plunge to sign the contract for the warehouse.

2 months of sleeping at the warehouse and help from friends putting up walls, putting up mezzanine flooring, mats and mirrors, it was ready to open.

The studio has evolved so much over the 18 years and have what I believe is one of the best martial art clubs in the area. 

Its not just the studio, but the instructor/staff team and you the students that give SESMA its family feel and great reputation…Thank you !

Fun and games in the classes on Saturday 19th February to celebrate sesma studio birthday

KATA Friday Class Times

4pm Yellow & Orange Belts
5pm Green & 2nd Green Belts
6pm Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
7pm Purple & Above

KATA Friday 3rd February

For Yellow Belts & Above

For students that are on the Advance /Elite packages (2 classes per week) there is the dedicated KATA class that concentrates solely on your grade and kata.

Each class has 2-3 instructors to help you get your kata its best, but you will still need to practice at home too.

We are extremely awesome instructors, but you still need to do some work yourself.

Yellow belts and above will need to perform the new kata for their next belt.

The katas are also available to view on the SESMA Members Portal.

If you have not yet registered to the Portal then please follow link: Members Portal

Did you know ?

Did you know you are not restricted to a set training day?

We have had recently a few parents asking if they can come to a different class day due to a commitment.

You may change your training days as and when and if you miss a week, you can pick up
an extra class the following week.


We have in stock some great SESMA merchandise including…

SESMA Polos Child £12 Adult £15 (Blue & Black)

SESMA T-Shirts Child/Adult £10 (Blue & Black)

SESMA Hoodies Child £21.50 Adult £26.50 (Blue & Black)

Karate Hand Pads Red/Blue £15

SESMA Shin & Instep Pads £15

New SESMA kickboxing gloves £36

Boxing gloves are suitable for class training and meet competition and new kickboxing training protective equipment insurance regulations


sesma boxing gloves suitable for class and competition

Boxing Gloves Only Kickboxing Classes

We are no longer able to have Karate gloves being used in the Kickboxing Classes.

Regulations also state that only under 10’s are able to use 8oz gloves.

Over 10’s must use 10oz gloves.

sesma boxing gloves suitable for class and competition

Parking at Studio

Please remember that we are unable to park beyond the cones along the wall opposite to the carpark entrance.
Please see below areas that sesma visitors may park.
Also remember that you need to pick your child up from the studio entrance.

University Study by EX-student


I need your help.

My name is George Canham, I used to be a student here when I was younger and I am now 21 at the University of Lincoln. For my dissertation study, I must conduct some research and as a kid, I loved going to my local karate club. So I am aiming to investigate the mental well-being of different children in sports clubs. I only ask for 5-10 minutes of your time.

My research investigates how extracurricular sports clubs (ESC) can affect childhood mental well-being. I am doing this by collecting questionnaire results from you (the parents) asking questions about your children. 

My research is fully backed and ethically approved by the University of Lincoln so If you are interested and would like more details, please follow the below link to the questionnaire or information sheet.  

(please note the content warning on the sheet is required in academic research due to the topic of mental well-being in 9-12-year-olds but is unlikely to cause any harm at all)

Link to the questionnaire – https://lincoln.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/mental-well-being-and-extracurricular-sports-clubs-with-co

Link to Information Sheet – Extracurricular_Sports_Club_Participation_and_mental_well-being_in_children^J infomation sheet^J version 3.docx

Completing this study will help 9-12-year-olds across the country by helping us gauge a better understanding of childhood mental well-being.

Thank you so much for reading this it is greatly appreciated. I hope you consider participation, my email is below if you have any questions. 

Ethical ref – 2022_12100 

Kind Regards,

George 25043925@students.lincoln.ac.uk

NERF WARS - only 9 places left

February Half term NERF WARS

The Nerf Gun play starts with your battle kit being issued before top secret, very important safety briefing. Then it’s into the zone for fun filled Nerf gun battle action under the watchful eyes of your battlefield commanders!

All safety equipment, scenarios, guns and FUN provided.

Ages 6-12yrs

Booking is live on Eventbrite

Tuesday 14th February 10am-12noon   £10 per player.


SESMA Family Sunday Walk

Last year we had a monthly family day and we would like to continue these this year.

January seems quite busy for most of you so our first walk will be on Sunday 12th February 10am. Meeting at the SESMA Studio.

Our first one will not be too adventurous with just a gentle Marriotts Way walk.

We are pretty excited as it will be our first walk with our Grandson Milo who will be visiting from Taiwan.  

Did you know ?

Did you know you are not restricted to a set training day?

We have had recently a few parents asking if they can come to a different class day due to a commitment.

You may change your training days as and when and if you miss a week, you can pick up
an extra class the following week.

Click on picture to save and print

February Fitness

Hope your still on your fitness goal and feeling more healthy.

Here is your next months fitness challenge and its all about working your core.

Lets get our core stronger and working harder.

Im sure we would love to have a 6-pack (not the fridge 6-pack) but having a strong core is more important.

Enjoy the challenge and ask a friend to join you, it will help keep you motivated.

White to Red Belt Grading

The next White to Red belt grading is on Saturday 4th March at the SESMA Studio

Karate 10am     Kickboxing 12pm

Those that are ready, would have been given an Invitation to the grading and have had a phone call.

More details available here: https://sesma.co.uk/white-to-red-belt-grading-details/

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