November Newsletter 2023

Grading Assessments Start on Monday 6th November

For Red Belts & Above.
Details on how the grading assessments work please follow the link HERE

Does not include Little Dragons.

Karate Categories & Colours as follows:
Week 1 (Black) Basics, Punches, Self-Defence
Week 2 (Blue) Kicks, Combinations
Week 3 (Red) Kata (those that do not need Kata will work on other techniques)
Week 4 (no colour) Catch up Week (for those that may not have obtained a band in a category)

Kickboxing Categories & Colours as follows:
Week 1 (Black) Fitness, Punches
Week 2 (Blue) Kicks, Blocks Counters
Week 3 (Red) Padwork Sparring
Week 4 (no colour) Catch up week (for those that may not have obtained a band in a category)

Grading Invite

Once you have received your grading invite, please pay for your grading via the QR code on the invite slip or link below
We will not be taking card payments on the day.
This is to speed the booking process up on the day.

Grading Booking Link

Norwich Grading 10th December

Norwich Karate Dates & Times:
Sunday 10th December

9am -11am Red, Yellow & Orange Belts,
11am-1pm Green, 2nd Green, Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
1pm-3pm Purple, Brown & 2nd Brown Belts

Norwich Kickboxing Times: 
Sunday 10th December

3pm White-Green Junior & Senior
5pm 2nd Green – 2nd Brown Junior & Senior

kata class sesma karate kickboxing norwich

KATA Friday Class Times

4pm Yellow & Orange Belts
5pm Green & 2nd Green Belts
6pm Blue & 2nd Blue Belts
7pm Purple & Above

KATA Friday 3rd November & 1st December

For Yellow Belts & Above

For students that are on the Advance /Elite packages (2 classes per week) there is the dedicated KATA class that concentrates solely on your grade and kata.

Each class has 2-3 instructors to help you get your kata its best, but you will still need to practice at home too.

We are extremely awesome instructors, but you still need to do some work yourself.

Yellow belts and above will need to perform the new kata for their next belt.

The katas are also available to view on the SESMA Members Portal.

If you have not yet registered to the Portal then please follow link: Members Portal


As you know, we would like parents to come to the SESMA Door to pick up their children, even more so now that the nights are drawing in.

This is for the safety of your children, as the carparks are busy with the change over of classes.
Children do not see the danger when they run across the carpark to you sitting in your car.

Also we can not see parents in their cars and have in the past had children run to similar looking cars.

All our instructors are 1st Aid trained, but we do not really want to practice on a child that has been hit by a car.

So please meet your child at the door.  Thank you


4 of the SESMA Elite Competition Squad recently represented EKKA (English Korean Karate Association) at the English Karate Federation EKF Premier League E1-SERIES. 

Sounds confusing and a lot of letters, but basically it means their did super amazingly good.

Congratulations to:

Isabel 4th Place
Nyah Bronze Medal
Chloe Gold Medal
Rhys Gold & Bronze Medal

AND… Congratulations to Chloe who has been invited to the England National Squad which is even more super amazingly good.

sesma norwich karate students part of the EKKA team

Karate Sparring Workshop

SESMA will be running 2 more Kumite Workshops (karate sparring)

S’Will Head Competition Coach will teach the basics of sparring and the rules of competition kumite.

You do NOT need to be interested in competitions to benefit from these great workshops.

To book your FREE place, please follow the links below.
Sunday 5th of November 8am-10am

October's Class Student of the month

Well done to the following for being chosen as the Student of the Month.

Karate & Kickboxing

Kick & Punches: Reeva Liu
Stances: Beres Blanch
Most Dedicated: Liam Rothwell
Martial Art Spirit Karate: Jessica Dunster 
Martial Art Spirit Kickboxing: Tony Howland
Kata/Poomsae: Jackson Barney

Competition Training

Coaches Recognition: Sam Seely
Most Dedicated: Rafaela Alide
Martial Art Spirit: Noah Swanborough

Reviews Google & Facebook

Please could you leave a review about SESMA Classes and Instructors. It greatly helps our SEO and placement on searches.

Female Kickboxing Morning Classes

Female Kickboxing/Fitness/Self Defence Morning class

Kickboxing fitness every Wednesday 10-10:45am starting January 10th

Female Kickboxing/Fitness/Self Defence Morning class

Instructor Hannah Earley, is a SESMA Kickboxing Black Belt, works as a fitness professional instructor for David Llyod and ATP Matt Phillpot.

The classes will incorporate the teaching of kickboxing, combination of different types of fitness (fat burn/strength/toning) and self defence.

Here are some other benefits of kickboxing:

Improved Cardio – Toning & Strength – Flexibility & Mobility – Aids Weight loss – Social with other like-minded ladies – Self-Protection & Confidence

Our women’s kickboxing is a great all round fitness class and as well as burning those calories, you will be building your confidence and learning to defend yourself.. if ever the need arises.

Wednesday’s included: 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st January, 7th & 14th February

For those that may not be able to commit to the 6 weeks, there is a 4 week option, you just attend 4 of the 6 sessions.

More Details Here

You need sparring pads

Like most sports you will need equipment, same with your martial arts.

You need sparring equipment which consists of sparring gloves and shin/foot pads.

These can be purchased via our on-line shop HERE  Make a great Xmas present

Best thing is that when you purchase from us, you will know that they meet safety/insurance standards and are competitive in price.
Also purchasing from SESMA you are supporting YOUR club and not amazon/Sports Direct or a business that you have no connection with. 
Kickboxers: Please do not be offended if we do not allow you to wear your gloves for sparring due to being the wrong weight gloves.

Competition Training

If you are interested in competitions and the possibility of being one day representing your country, then please speak to your instructor.

Competition training sessions are held on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Friday of the month. 6-7pm Kata  7-8pm Sparring
Open to all Karate, Kickboxig & Kungfu students.

Sorry… Little Dragons are too young.

Did you know ?

Did you know you are not restricted to a set training day?

We have had recently a few parents asking if they can come to a different class day due to a commitments.

You may change your training days as and when and if you miss a week or we are closed due to
public holiday, you can pick up an extra class the following week.

Professional Photographer

Martial Arts Photo

Lex Spedding (Karate Parent & Pro Photographer) will be available depending on interest, to take martial art portrait photos of you/your martial artists.

These make great Xmas presents

The photo session is free, you only pay for the SESMA discounted price of £4.99 for each  High Res Download.

There is also an option to order for professional quality prints too.

Sunday 3rd December 4pm

sesma martial arts and self defence norwich

End of Year Photo

Thursday 21st December 6pm

You may have seen the End of Year 2022 Photo displayed at the SESMA Studio.
We would like to make this an annual occasion and start a collection to display at the studio.
It is open to ALL students 
If you are interested please arrive at 6pm sharp.

This event will only go ahead if enough interest.

SESMA Norwich Martial Arts Karate Kickboxing Kungfu Group photo of students 2022
2 bouncy castles

we are Looking for soft play party staff

We are currently looking for someone to set up, be on site, clear up and pack away for Soft Play Parties.

The ideal candidate will need to be fit as the bouncy castles are heavy, be polite and be able to speak and deal with customers.

The hours are on a Saturday, but it is only when parties are booked.
This is not a regular Saturday job as not every Saturday will there be a booking.

Whilst party is running, you are in attendance if there is a problem, you are not there to run the party for the host.

Training will be given.

if interested please speak to either Wayne or Sue at the studio or email ref party staff


Bouncy Castle Chaos

SESMA Little Dragon

Saturday 16th Dec 2-4pm

Open to sesma students only ages 4-6years.

Come and have a fun xmas party with the Little Dragon Instructors.

Bouncy Castles, soft balls, sumo suits, space hoppers and disco lights & music.

Domino Pizza half way through the party.

Limited to 30 children and their parents.

£8 per child

30 places

Nerf Instructor Battle

SESMA Students aged 6-12yrs

Sunday 17th Dec 7-9pm

Come and join the instructors for a xmas nerf party

Do you have the skill & focus to shoot the instructors?

There will be fun, battles, disco lights, music and pizza (margarita & meat feast)

Limited to 24 players aged 6-12yrs.

£10 per player

24 places

10 Pin Bowling

SESMA Students aged 12-16yrs

Sunday 17th Dec 2-4pm

Do you have focus and skill to strike out the Senior instructors?

Namco Bowthorpe


Limited to 12 players aged 12-16yrs.

£10 per player

12 places

Junior Instructor Bowling

Sunday 17th Dec 2-4pm

For the junior instructors that have been assisting the Senior Instructors during the year.

Do you have what it takes to beat the Senior instructors?

Namco Bowthorpe


Junior Instructors Only

Last Lesson of the Year - Wednesday 20th December

First Lesson of the New Year - Thursday 4th January

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